Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ophthalmology Webinar Network

Welcome to the Ophthalmology Webinar Network.

This site is a combined effort of supranational, regional and national ophthalmic societies as well as of individual hospitals and eye centers.

The purpose of it is sharing between residency programs around the world live lectures and their archives (when available) 

Use the top menu to find future webinars or view past recorded ones.

Webinars: View future live webinars.
Webinar Archive: Find past recorded webinars in English.
Archivo de Webinars: Find all past recorded webinars in Spanish.
More on the Webinar Project: Description of the project in English.
Mas sobre la Red de Webinars: Description of the project in Spanish

If you belong to an institution that runs webinars and want to list them here or if you need help to start running your own webinars, please contact